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Want to learn about coffee? Nothing beats experience. Cut coffee class for a day and try a blind coffee tasting. Your instructor will be proud.

Experience is the best teacher

If you want to learn about coffee, nothing beats experience. And if you want to experience trying a ton of different coffees, nothing beats Angels’ Cup. Every week we select 4 coffees, light to medium roast, from top third wave roasters. We have two subscription options, the Cupping Flight with 1oz sample perfectly designed for cupping for $10.99, and the Black Box which is a bit larger for $22.99. If you subscribe weekly, that will be 208 different coffees to try in a year because we never ship the same thing twice. We also have bi-weekly or monthly options available if you’re not ready for the break-neck pace of weekly.

Test your tasting skills

Sampling all those coffees is only half the battle. Angels’ Cup is dedicated to education, which is why all of our tasting flights are blindly labeled. The only discerning characteristic on our bags is a number you can use to identify the coffee AFTER you’ve tried it. When you don’t know what the coffee is, you have an unbiased opportunity to try guessing the origin, varietal, and/or processing technique. We also have a 100% free coffee app you can use to record tasting notes. It’s a great way to start paying attention to things like body, acidity, and to keep track of all the things you try.

Learn from the best in the business

Self-guided education can only take you so far. That’s why we have our featured roasters upload their own tasting notes to the app for you to compare answers with. That means you’re not just learning about coffee from one person, but all top industry professionals all across the country. Or you might think the roaster’s notes are off. That’s fine too. We have an active Facebook group where people discuss all the coffees we ship. It’s a great way to get a second opinion, compare brew method notes, or just learn more about what people like.